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{Title} Welcome to the Manual TrafficExchange Surf-Bar-Traffic

100/500/500 Sign Up Bonus! + $1.-
I will double this to $2.- if you surf 500 (instead of 50) Within the first 2 days of your membership*
*Send in a support ticket with code NEWMEMBER when you account is fully active to claim, say double in the ticket if you surfed 500 the first 2 days of your membership

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All participants here

All participants here

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All participants here


take control over surfing, credits, commisions and downlines in traffic Exchanges

At Surf-Bar-Traffic we have a daily surfers challenge were even free members can earn credits superfast.

However our main goal is to deliver quality traffic.

We are promoting this page on 100s of exchanges and safe lists. This page shows YOUR text links and banners absolutely free IF you are an active member. While surfing you are also earning S-B-T banner and text credits. We have regular in-house promos to earn extra banner and text credits.

We promote FOR you. All we ask is to be active and to log in and surf once a month (or upgrade if you don't have the time to surf).

Only ads from active members are promoted both in the surf and this page. If your free account is suspended simply surf 50 sites to reactivate.

Surf-Bar-Traffic is the home of the MUGged downline builder where you can promote 100s of popular programs with just 1 link.

It is NOT a rotator. Go check it out and get your free copy today!

You need to join the MUGged DLbuilder seperately. Its free! It it not mandatory to join the exchange to get your copy.


 When you do not receive the confirmation mail (check spam folder first) you can return here and mail me. For all other issues log in an send a support ticket.

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Note: no duplicate accounts allowed! Members that created duplicate accounts to steal sign-up credits will have all their accounts deleted and banned. Not only here but also in the central bank of Surfing Guard, Ventrino and TE Toolbox Site Checker!

Disclaimer: While it is possible to earn a substantial monthly income through the Surf-Bar-Traffic affiliate commissions system no level of income is guaranteed at any level of membership. S-B-T is a manual visitor exchange. Our sole product is shared traffic delivery and promotional materials. We are not a home based business opportunity.


Surf-Bar-Traffic is owned and operated by: Webmiep, De Rips, The Netherlands.




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