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{Title} Welcome to the Manual TrafficExchange Surf-Bar-Traffic

Welcome to Free Manual Traffic Exchange


When your aim is to get traffic to your sites you found the right place. In my opinion a Traffic Exchange should be about getting traffic, not about surfing for cash.

We do reward active members that participate in surf parties with nice prizes like free upgrades, credits, solo mails or start pages and small cash prizes. This policy will keep out those who only surf for cash only with no interest at all for the sites that are shown.

100/500/500 Sign Up Bonus!
+ $1.-*

take control over surfing, credits, commisions and downlines in traffic Exchanges

 *Send in a support ticket with code NEWMEMBER when you account is fully active to claim

Note: no duplicate accounts allowed! Members that created duplicate accounts to steal sign-up credits will have all their accounts deleted and banned. Not only here but also in the central bank of Surfing Guard and TE Toolbox Site Checker!

Disclaimer: While it is possible to earn a substantial monthly income through the Surf-Bar-Traffic affiliate commissions system no level of income is guaranteed at any level of membership. S-B-T is a manual visitor exchange. Our sole product is shared traffic delivery and promotional materials. We are not a home based business opportunity.


Surf-Bar-Traffic is owned and operated by: Webmiep, De Rips, The Netherlands.




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