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This blog will give additional support to get the most out of your surfing and provides useful articles about several aspects of social marketing and internet marketing. This blog is attached  to my Manual Traffic Exchange Surf-Bar-Traffic but everybody is welcome.

This blog has mainly topics and reviews related to Traffic Exchanges. Though Traffic Exchanges have their purpose in multiple ways, ow which subject you will find topics in this blog,  you should not use them as your sole option or  number one option to promote your business.

A great business network is APSense with a membership of 180K and a wide range of business tools to brand and build your business. I especially recommend setting up a brand 
page on APSense.

APSense is really worth upgrading in. However I am aware that there are many people starting out with zero funds and can’t afford the membership fees from day one. For that reason I write about other free services as well to help people to raise funds to lift their business to a professional level. When you use surf-bar-traffic as your traffic funnel and use the SBT downline builder splashes in other TE’s you can promote up to 10 programs  without spending a lot of time on them. You can still build downlines in those programs just by promoting just SBT as long as you keep the downline builder updated.

Surf-bar-traffic had the official opening with a great surf party  on the 2nd of August 2011. There will be more promotions in future.

Surf-bar-traffic is also open for JV partnerships with other TE’s and TE related services. You can sign in at surf-bar-traffic and send in a support ticket with tour proposal or ask more information. Please note we do not accept auto-surf sites as a JV partner. 

Surf-Bar-Traffic has JVs with several other traffic exchanges.

Surprise Promos

Its only recently that I started to organize one a month cross promos with other traffic exchanges. Most weekdays are filled but not all yet. And they won’t be since only 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th are scheduled and there is a 5th sometimes.

In these cases or when occasionally a promo drops out I do something nice in-house like CashDay or something else like surf4upgrade, surf4sponsorspot in the game or …

Unless i am on vacation the actual promo of the day can be found on page Surf-Bar-Traffic Today; recurring parties both inhouse and organized promoservice on our SBT promo calendar.

Results of the Cross Promo with TrafficBowling August 3rd


Results of the Cross Promo with TrafficBowling

  1. $2 – 60389 Ursuletzii02
  2. $1 – 60076Christian
  3. $0.50 W50/B500/T500 60498 elodra
    $0.50 W50/B500/T500 60701 eMasterfocus
  4. $0.25 W25/B350/B250 60606 Susan McCook
    $0.25 W25/B350/B250 60613 Janicecrowley

Thank you all for participating! And congratulations to the winners!

Check our promo calendar both for in-house cross promos
with other exchanges and organized parties by party services

All the best,

Winners Promo with Orbital Traffic August 1st

Since there may have been some minor issues with the claim code I decided to assign winners for this promo after all.

1st: 58571 Michael Camire $3.00
2nd. 59502 Caroline675 150 credits
3rd. 60514 annsem 100 credits
4th. 60233 Karl Brown 50 credits

Congratulations! Prizes have been assigned to your account.

All the best,

Winner Surf4upgrade promo july 31st


60633 kim facebook

Winners Wednesday promo with Magical Journey TE

58272 jpjpjp $ 2
60558 samgen $ 1
60613 Janicecrowley $ 0.50 = 50/500/500
60496 Andy85 $ 0.50 = 50/500/500
59491 Firefly $ 0.25 + 25/250/250
60725 xroads $ 0.25 + 25/250/250

Congratulations to all winners. All prizes have been assigned to your account.

Winners Test Drive SOS Promo

Winner of the 1st Prize is Melanie 60492

Winner of 2nd Prize is Tatyana Dimitrova 60666

The prizes have been assigned to your account. Please log in and assign your credits!

Allthough more people claimed the promo on SBT unfortunately did not qualify because they did not surf 150 at SOS also as was clearly stated on the anouncement and again on the claim page.

Winners 1ModernSolution

About the cross promo with 1ModernSolution: due to circumstances that promo was not announced properly and the claim page has not been put in or way to late. I doubt I will still get the leather board. However I have assigned all that claimed on SBT 25 credits as compensation.

Awesome new TE game Mod with cross promo and sponsor options


This brand new mod allows you to run your very own game on your traffic exchange with sponsor option to gain extra revenue. And whats more, you can do cross promos easily with any TE that has this Mod installed. Cost would be $75.- but you can subscribe to my list to get a group discount at the end of the FREE Trial. Yes, Free! If you own more than 1 TE you will get extra discount at the end of the trial which will last about 2 months. If you want to have this great mod installed for free, subscribe to the discount list first. Go here. Than you can skype me at webmiep1 or email to admin@surf-bar-traffic.com

The new Mystery Button Game allows you the option of having a custom designed game for a fraction of the cost. You choose what the overall layout of the game will look like, and chose your own backgrounds and buttons. That’s not all, the new Mystery Button game also allows you to have your members sponsor the buttons!


Click to enlarge and view admin area

The sponsorship supports allows you to earn another stream of income by selling button spaces on your game for either site credits, or cash. Sponsors provide to you the name of a site they want to use as a sponsor, along with a Button image, banner image, and url to that site. The default design of the game uses 125px x 125px buttons for the game grid, and on the results page includes a link through the banner and site name, along with a preview of the target site at the bottom.

The Mystery Button game also allows you to include any number of buttons on the screen, from a single button, to 25 or more buttons! How fancy or detailed you want to make your game is up to you! Any button could be a prize winning button!

Prizes are given based on membership levels, so you can use the Mystery Button game to encourage your members to upgrade their memberships too. With a Pro Sync feature, the Mystery Button game allows you to click on one button to import your membership levels into the game, while the game keeps track of any changes in memberships, such as deletions and additions. These changes will provide a prompt to you within the game manager allowing you to re-sync the membership levels, by adding or removing them from the game.

Each prize has it’s own Prize Pool, meaning you will never give away more prize than you’ve set aside. Each prize also has it’s own Weight. The higher the weight of a particular prize, the more likely that this will be the prize that is won. This can help you manager the prizes being awarded, with those costly prizes being more rare to win.

So if you’ve ever considered a customized game for your site, but were put off by the large price tag, consider the Mystery Button game, it’s got all the features you could possibly ask for!

Here once again the link to my discount list

Are the investments in your Traffic Exchange worth their money?

me start of by saying that this article is not about the quality of te-mods.

There are tons of those available that enhance a TE to make the surfing a
more pleasant experience for the surfers. Which is good because surfers are the
engine and lifeblood of any TE, wheater they are upgraded or not.

That is why many TE owners invest in games, stickers, party mods and similar
to attrackt more surfers and to boost activity. But all these things cost you

I have seen many traffic exchanges with a lot of mods and enhancements with
yet little activity and little growth. The cause of that are not the mods, they
are nice enough but …

The reason is the lack of advertising those features.

There are so many TEs that people have to make a choice of where to surf.
Most people will choose TEs that are fun to surf and where they can earn some
cash and other prizes for their surfing. Serious business owners will also track
their advertising and surf (or upgrade and/or buy ads) those TEs that
deliver results. Those are in general TEs with a healthy credit balance that
have also decent security in place to keep out the bots and the cheaters.

If you spend money to enhance your TE but nobody is using those features than
investing in mods and add-ons is throwing money out of the window, regardless how cool these mods or services are. To let the people know about your TEs nice features and mods you
need to advertise them non stop! Not only in mails to your members but outside
your own TE: In other TEs, safelists and whatever you can think of. Participate
in surf parties; not once but regularly with a large variety of other TEs.
Surfparties bring in new members and boost activity. But before you do all that
take a critical look at your TE:

  • Do your members need to surf to have their sites shown or are you giving
    away too much credits so they do not need to? Also read KillerMods
  • Is there a healty balance between your own ads and those of your members?
    I have seen TEs where 90% of the shown ads are those of the owner
  • Keep your site free from framebreakers and sites with popups that
    interrupt surfing
  • Admin your site! Don’t have members wait for days to approve sites or to
    have a question answered

As I learned myself the hard way, do not buy mods just from anybody. Not all
programmer/scripters are good ones. Get original mods from LMFTE, Ventrino or
whatever script you have or from those recommended by those scripts.

If you are looking for decent add-ons and mods check this page

Ough, filling out downline builders, so time consuming!



I think everybody pretty much agrees that downline builders are very important, not only for commissions but also on long term to spend less time earning credits.

BUT there are so many! It takes quite a lot of time to fill out your IDs! So many end up only taking the time to do so in the larger popular sites that are actively promoted by yourself.

But what about all other ones? I.e people may join a TE because they are in a surf party, join a site you shared, follow your link in a blog post or article, click on your link in skype, pinterest, facebook, etc.

When you have not filled out the downline builder on that particular site, you have gained 1 member on that site but miss out on all others that this member may join from this site.

Therefore I am delighted with Marty Petrizza’s new site, DownlineBuilder Elite. If you join the site you can put in IDs for over 400 sites. Once they are in you can fill out and/or update your IDs in all downline builders of those sites. Pretty cool huh? And that is not all, if a site with downline builder is not yet listed, you can add it for review. If that site meets the TOS and is compatible Marty will add it!

And that is not all, you get great advertising on top. Unlimited banner and text impressions and also, if applicable for your member level, solo ads!

Its is not a free program but it will earn the cost back quickly. For referring others but also because you will stop loosing commissions.

Join now!

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