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This blog will give additional support to get the most out of your surfing and provides useful articles about several aspects of social marketing and internet marketing. This blog is attached  to my Manual Traffic Exchange Surf-Bar-Traffic but everybody is welcome.

This blog has mainly topics and reviews related to Traffic Exchanges. Though Traffic Exchanges have their purpose in multiple ways, ow which subject you will find topics in this blog,  you should not use them as your sole option or  number one option to promote your business.

A great business network is APSense with a membership of 180K and a wide range of business tools to brand and build your business. I especially recommend setting up a brand 
page on APSense.

APSense is really worth upgrading in. However I am aware that there are many people starting out with zero funds and can’t afford the membership fees from day one. For that reason I write about other free services as well to help people to raise funds to lift their business to a professional level. When you use surf-bar-traffic as your traffic funnel and use the SBT downline builder splashes in other TE’s you can promote up to 10 programs  without spending a lot of time on them. You can still build downlines in those programs just by promoting just SBT as long as you keep the downline builder updated.

Surf-bar-traffic had the official opening with a great surf party  on the 2nd of August 2011. There will be more promotions in future.

Surf-bar-traffic is also open for JV partnerships with other TE’s and TE related services. You can sign in at surf-bar-traffic and send in a support ticket with tour proposal or ask more information. Please note we do not accept auto-surf sites as a JV partner. 

Surf-Bar-Traffic has JVs with several other traffic exchanges and with The Marketers Co-op.

The NWT Network

Help for frustrated TE Owners!

Want more members for your TE? This network id totally free to join for TE owners. All you need to do is join for free and rotate the promotional link in your traffic exchange. In return your TE is shown on TEs in the NWT network.


O no! Not another Traffic Exchange!

In the past years I have seen more and more services offering ready TEs for sale and for rent. Running on different scripts. Not a day goes by without one or more TEs opening their doors. 

Many people are tempted to buy a TE because as an owner you have basically unlimited credits. What many forget that this only works for you if you have members! Members that are active and surf.

Unless you have very good connections with the top TEs or have a lot of funds it takes time to build a membership large enough to benefit from. Because not all that join are active. And also, not all active will upgrade or purchase something. Many people sign up with email addresses of accounts of which they never read the mails. So even if you are an active owner it takes a while till you have a decent number of members that surf regularly.

I found that many TE owners have no clue on how to set up a TE math wise. Unless you have no upgrades a surf with 1:1 ratio, progressive and with credit rewards while surfing, on long term, can never work.

I am a member of some of those which I joined a few years ago where I still haven’t used up my sign up bonus because it was huge. Some TEs give away tons of credits with the objective to build membership. However if you give new members 10000 of credits, they have no reason to come back and surf for credits. These type of TEs grow very fast and after a few months they turn into gost towns where only very few are surfing.

I have also seen TE owners that do not only give away massive credits but also big cash rewards for surfing. These TEs have active members despite the unhealthy credit balance. Nothing wrong with a small reward, since a TE needs surfers but these insane amounts are likely to attract cheaters and people that ONLY surf for cash and never spend a dime.

Many blame the script. I agree that some scripts are more popular than others. Also not all script sellers give good support but ultimately it is mostly the TE owner that determens the success of an exchange. By learning about features, credit balance and keeping members active.

When you consider to buy a TE you should explore different scripts (my favorite is Ventrino because very customizable and excellent support) and once you decided for one familiarize your self with the settings so that the math is ok. If the math is wrong your TE will turn in a ghost town with very low activity. You should also read a lot on the subject and connect and ask advice to other TE owners who already run a successful TE if you can. Several script sellers offer online webinars to help TE owners. You can find some TE Skype rooms here.

You can earn good money form traffic exchanges with as an example Tony Tezak or John Bell. This money does not come solely from upgrades and credit purchases. No, by building your traffic exchange at the same time you are building yourself a personal list to mail your offers to. 

However keep in mind that you can not achieve that success overnight! I know that Tony has surfed himself silly when he started and has been focussed on building members and keeping members active from day 1. And allthough there is no need for him to surf now, he daily spends time on his exchange.

Be prepared to invest both time and money if you want a successful TE, in other words treat your TE as a business!

5 good reasons to participate in TE Promo Parties and 3 not to


Organizing surf parties can be quite a hassle if you do it on your own. Quite time consuming and sometimes frustrating. I tried it a few times years back an than abandoned it completely because:

  • I had to struggle with MSQL queries (I am technically challenged with this)
  • Sometimes I had to wait for days before getting results from an other TE Owner
  • I was the only one promoting the party so the results where not to write home about

In short, the time spent on it was not worth the effort. So I pretty much gave up on them. But than I found some great TE promo services that completely changed my mind and made me excited about surf parties.

There are different types of TE parties. Some are for 1 day, other for 2 or more. There are themed parties i.e. spring, mothers day, Halloween, etc. and special parties i.e. a birthday party of your TE. Organizing one is a bit more expensive than participating in one but being the host of a party will bring you the most referrals.

Pricing: the ones listed on the graphic are all very affordable, it starts at 3 dollar to participate. I did a few recently and I am very pleased with the results.

If you can spend a bit more you can consider a Tim Tech promo (submarine game, gold vault, silver vault ($20-$50) or a party with TrafficSwirl ($47)

6 good reasons to participate and/or organize a TE Surf Party Promo

  1. Surfers love TE Promos because they can win some cash by participating. Since it is mandatory most of the time to surf all participating TEs members will join your TE when not yet a member
  2. There is more activity on your TE. People that track their result will see more traffic coming from your TE. They may upgrade or purchase credits or simply to surf your TE more often.
  3. Your TE will climb the ranks in several TE stats and alexa ranks. Remember that new people join exchanges from these ranking lists also
  4. It is a cheap way to get more exposure for your TE, build membership and boost activity. The prize money is already included in the purchase prize of the promo in most cases. Of course you are free to offer extra prizes on your TE on promoday(s)
  5. It is hassle free in more than 1 way. Basically the only thing you MUST do, is put in and out the claim pages which are also provided for you. The promo services are actively promoting their promos. However it is advisable to do some promoting yourself also. Most promo services provide promo materials. Some will not only build your downlines in the PromoService but also listed TEs and/or your own programs.

So why don’t you try it? The main 3 reasons not to do promos are eliminated with these services where all the hard work is done for you. I am sure you will be pleased with the results!

TE List. More than just TE Stats

Surf-Bar-Traffic RankingTE ListYou have probably seen the button on the left before: many TE owners have it on their TE so that people can vote. But TE List has more to offer than just rankings..

When you are a member you can create a custom list with 10 of your favorite Traffic Exchanges. A nice thing to put on your blog. You can also insert your IDs in all listed TEs. This takes some time but very practical when ever you need to fill in a downline builder somewhere. And ofcourse you than have a reference/back up off all TEs you have joined. If you can edit html you can make it look a bit nicer and also add a link to TE stats. This way you will build even more downlines when people join the TE List and join other TEs from there.

I also use it as a surfing aid when ever I do tab surfing. It is often practical to surf a range of TEs that are running on the same script.

Or if you are a big fan of certain script you can search and find those you have not joined yet.



Dilemma of a TE Owner

tedilemmaI have read  several articles, e-books and blogs and attended several webinars during the years about building and running a traffic exchange. Tony Tezak , I think we all agree he is an expert (get his free e-book here), always points out that it is the best to promote only your own TE in other TEs. And than promote other program inside your surf and by mailing your members. And he is right about that. If you are not dependent of the income from your Traffic Exchange to pay the bills for daily life and TE expenses, promoting only your own exchange in others is the very best advice. BUT….

And here comes the dilemma of many starting TE owners with limited budget and/or traffic from other online business they already own:

In order to get new members you need to advertise in many TEs. Surfing costs a lot of time plus in order to be able to upgrade, or invest in your TE (buying mods, etcetera) you need funds. If you want to participate in parties that costs some money also in most cases. Plus the costs of hosting.  Getting JVs with other exchanges can be an option but therefore you need to know people in the TE industry first. Best chances to get those are with other smaller exchanges, the big TEs don’t need JVs with smaller starting TEs. There are only so many hours in a day you can surf to earn credits. Due to what I wrote above deciding how to spend these credits can be a difficult choice.

It takes quit a while for a starting TE with an owner that is not know yet in the TE industry to make enough money to cover the costs, let alone money. You can of course promote other programs in order to get referrals and commissions within your own TE but they are only seen by the members of that TE. And the number must be limited: I have seen TEs where 90% of all programs are from the TE owner and programs of the members hardly get any views.

So many TE owners promote also other programs than their own in other exchanges with the objective to get downlines in TEs so they can cut back on surfing in future when their downline starts to earn credits for them and secondly to generate some income.

Building and Running a TE is not for everyone. I bought a TE to help out a former partner who promised to teach me the ropes but never did. Lol I made about every beginner mistake. Settings wrong, unhealthy credit balance, too many of my own programs rotating, etc. I did not know any people in the TE industry and I did not know there exist Skype rooms for TE owners. This all changed when I found some TE rooms where I got help and guidance, in particular the Ventrino Skype room and some people in this room that helped me the most to get some insight in the math of an exchange.  Also getting members is one thing, keeping them active is another story. I love my TE now and it became my personal challenge.

My main business is graphic designs and I am co-founder is some long term projects. I promote these actively also, mainly in rotators that promote my own sites as well. I became more creative in promoting both my own programs and some others I am involved in at the same time with a minimum of time needed to earn credits. Lol, it took me a while to figure that out.

My own TE is still to small to use as a Traffic Funnel so I started using some TE coops of which the most important for me are TE-JV, GEO-views (has a free GEO rotator through which I promote some Dutch sites), Explosive Traffic, Traffic2prosperity and GlobalTEmarketing. There are some others but I will write a separate article about soon.

I am using TE-JV the most. On almost every TE I join I spend part of my credits to the JV-link; this earns me credits to have my sites show on 100′s of other TEs; the rotator top bar shows my text links and it carries my TE-JV ID. I also spend part of my credits to my TE-JV site rotator:  10 sites of my own including the branded Surf-Bar-Traffic site rotator are in there.

Using the branded rotator of your own Traffic Exchange is a good way to promote both you own TE and other programs on other TEs.

In my SBT site rotators I have all my own sites including Surf-Bar-Traffic and a bunch of others.  Site rotators of the Ventrino script rotate all sites weather they are paused or not. So on my own exchange only the un-paused are shown.  But this may be different for rotators running on another script.

I own my own linktipper site rotator as well. On the bar for free members are besides a sponsor banner rotation some mini banners of my own. (Paid members have no top bar.)

On almost every exchange I submit my TE-JV co-op credit earning link  (TE-JV mostly) and rotators that brand my own sites as well. As for the surfing I have a few I surf daily, many others occasionally. Working this way leaves me just enough time to create graphics, managing my TE and do other promotional work like write articles, do mailings and other promotional work. I try to use my self made graphics as much as possible for TE promotions; this way I am promoting my graphic work as well.

To close this subject I want to mention how important it is to build downlines in TEs. I consider them so important that I invested in a donwline builder of my own, its the MUGged downline builder attached to SBT. You can get a free personal copy here.

Always fill out your IDs in downline builders. Even if your downline never spends any money on upgrades and purchases, they do earn you credits in most cases when they surf. On long term your downlines earn you so many credits that you can cut down on surfing yourself. Many Ventrino TEs have the option to ad your own program. When you are owner of a Ventrino TE you can get a free mod at the TE Project so your members can build downlines in many popular TEs and some other service. When you are starting TE you will probably the most of the promoting yourself. This means they may join under you when they are going to fill out their IDs after they joined.



Reflections on tabbed surf systems

tab surfingOpinions on surfing multiple TEs at the same time are very opposite. When surfing multiple TEs you of course see the advertised site much shorter than you would if you only surf one.

Some are against it because they feel that the main purpose of a TE is delivering traffic and that people should take notice of what is advertised.  Personally I can relate to that. But on the otherhand, you same many of the sites advertised everywhere. I do take notice but I also use multisurf: I think it is a waste of time staring at a site where I am already a member of. Which is the case with most Traffic Exchanges so yes, I do use tab surfing.

Since I own a trafficexchange myself I joined many other TEs to promote it. Of course I have to surf them all regularly. In the beginning when I had not joined many yet I surfed TEs one by one, explored many sites shown in TEs and joined them. Among those many TEs and later also safelists TAEs and mailers.

At some point I joined so many that I could not keep up with surfing and I started to look for systems to surf TEs more effectively and in less time. I found several based on tab surfing where you can surf more than one TE
simultaneously. In some cases you earn extra credits for doing so i.e. with

, NerdSurfing and several others.

There are several systems for tab surfing. I think TE browser was one of the first. However it only works for TEs listed in TE Browser. As a free member you can surf 5 but by surfing much you can earn a few surf tabs extra. You can build downlines in listed TEs (limited for free members) and you can set up your own surf groups. You are warned when there is a prize page.

An other well known one is QuickTabSurf.
No downline building in there, surf groups or prelisted TEs. However it is free and works with any number of TEs. A minor disadvantage is that you need your mouse and a hot key to go to the next tab.

My absolute favorite is

. It is not free but offers a free trial of 30 days. There are many TEs listed and some predefined groups you can surf. But the system also works great with TEs that are not yet listed. There is no limitation on how many
you can surf. And no warnings for prize pages either. Which is good since it forces you to pay attention. And you should, that is the whole idea of a traffic exchange.

TurboTab is very turbo because you can choose the middle mouse wheel to move to the next tab. The mouse pointer goes automatically to the area where you need to click in most cases which also saves a lot of time. Actually it saves me so much time that I can afford to wander off to explore a site further despite the fact I joined so many other TEs.

As for the traffic exchange idea I already said the idea is to visit other sites. However I see no point in watching a site for 30 seconds that I have already joined unless it is an announcement of a new feature or surf promo.

It is a pity that there are many surfers that are only surfing for cash. But this type of surfer won’t join anything that is not free and that does not offer cash prizes, regardless if they view a site for 5 seconds or 30 seconds. I think
small prizes are ok for occasional surf parties, however I think that TEs that offer big cash prizes standard or cash surfing in general are not good for the TE industry. But that is just my opinion. A TE is basically not a money making
opportunity but a vessel to promote money making opportunities and services related to promoting and branding a business plus internet related business tools.

Most services mentioned are listed in the free SBTDownline Builder. I am promoting my personal page everywhere so I get by with far less credits than when I had to promote those individually. As I write this about 250 top programs are mugged. Every member can promote his/her personal page and add his/her own programs on top. People can join under them in every Mug listing they put in their personal ID for, without the need for people to join the downlinebuilder first. It works great especially in TEs.

Killer Traffic Exchange Mods

killermodsThere are a lot of traffic exchange plug-ins and mods available for various traffic exchanges. Mods are a nice thing to enhance a traffic exchange and to bring variety in traffic exchanges. However, having a lot of mods installed on a traffic exchange, does not make it a better exchange.

When you install a new mod it is advisable to read the info and instructions that come along with it. ESPECIALLY when it is a mod that gives your members credits, cash or both.

Such mods can enhance and improve a traffic exchange but it can also kill it! If your mods give away too many free credits for i.e. logging in, rating a sites or surf bonusses, you members credits will last a very long time. I know there are many TEs where I only need to log-in to get a lot of credits. So your surfers don’t need to surf much and traffic delivery will not be good.

As for cash surfing it is advised that you have a mod that keeps out the bots. I only know Ventrinos pretty well and for Ventrinos you can get Thom Pearsons verification script. On The TE Project you can get a chatcha plug-in that prevents bots from signing up. There is also an admin plug-in that checks for multiple sign ups from the same IP or e-mail address. Recently I have also seen a verification mod for LMFTE where you have to draw the correct picture in a circle.

More nice mods are available at Raying and the Ventrinoguru

Manual Traffic Exchange Google+ Community

Manual Traffic Exchange Google+ Community

google+ community for traffic exchange owners and surfers

Google loves Google so I started a Manual Traffic Exchange Google+ Community

Its only recently that I really explored the Google+ Communties. Reason for that was me joining Bill Langly’s Free-Ad-Blaster. You can post your messages to several groups (Google+, Facebook and Yahoo) real quick and also post to mailers and surf groups of traffic exchanges. Bill said he had results with posting to groups.

I was not a member of any Google+ groups so I joined a bunch and posted my ads and I also got sign ups from doing so. Since traffic exchanges are in my field of interest I searched for a general TE community. I could not find one so today I started my own.

A goal is to provide surfers with information on how to get the most out of traffic exchanges, not only traffic but also cash. And its not surfing for pennies or cents.

I also hope that many TE Owners will join and post updates about surf parties, promos and other updates about their TE. Since Google loves Google it will be picked up fast.

Important part is also reserved for TE related services and tools such as tracking, stats, freebies, chatboxes, downlines, surf browsers, etc.

Sorry, I have been neglecting this blog

There are several reasons for that. I had very limited internet access during summer while I lived on the camping. I am back home since October and have been playing back up.

I also spent quit some time rebuilding webmiepgraphics that now also has a free to join partner program.


Traffic Swirl:: effectiveness and fun combined

Its always busy at Traffic Swirl, I have never seen less than 100 people surfing at any time. Traffic Swirl has over 30K members. So even if you are promoting just 1  or 2 sites, there will always be new and different people to see your site(s). Even more (because of time zones) if you surf regularly on different times of the day.

Traffic Swirl has many fans. The reason is that there is something there for everybody. A lively chat, a different game daily, a market place (for buying/selling credits and tokens between members). Although I recommend an upgrade this exchange has plenty to offer to those who can’t. There are also often special offers for credits.

Traffic Swirl is owned by John Bell who also owns Affiliate Toolbox, Fast Cash & Traffic, SurfSumo, Viral List Builder Plus and Mailer Ninja. If you are a member of Traffic Swirl and or others, you can build downlines in those for free through the SBT MUGged downlinebuilder.


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