10 superheroes who would excel in an Olympic sport


The Olympics originated in ancient Greece. The first games took place around 776 BC. The ancient Greeks believed that the hero Heracles started the festivities in honor of his father, Zeus. Heracles possessed many extraordinary abilities as a demigod and provided an example of the fittest athlete. Several modern superheroes would also make great Olympians.

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The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. The games have changed a lot since their ancient origins. Over 200 countries now participate, the games are no longer limited to male athletes and include many more sports. Superpowers are probably against the rules of the International Olympic Committee. Either way, some comic book heroes from Marvel and DC Comics would excel in many Olympic sports.

ten Surfing: The Silver Surfer has the best board

Surfing is a new sport for the Olympics, introduced at the Tokyo Games in 2020. The Silver Surfer would excel at the sport for a variety of reasons, given that “surfing” is named after him. Not only is the Silver Surfer good at surfing, but his surfboard is made of nearly indestructible material.

The Silver Surfer has a mental connection with his board that will listen to his every command. This means that even if the Silver Surfer fell off his board, he could recall it in seconds. Having a high-tech, cosmic-powered surfboard might be cheating, but it would definitely give the surfer an edge over the competition.

9 High Jump: Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Superman has many abilities, but he’s best suited for a sport like high jumping. The high jump has been a staple of the modern Olympics since its introduction in 1896. A classic hero performing this classic sport seems appropriate.

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Thanks to his Kryptonian heritage, Superman could excel in nearly any Olympic sport involving any test of strength, speed, or accuracy. However, for years Superman’s catchphrase included the ability to “leap tall buildings in a single bound”, so it makes sense for him to participate in the high jump.

8 Snowboarding: Iceman controls his environment

There are several events under the “snowboarding” banner and Iceman would excel at all of them. Bobby Drake is an Omega-level mutant and founding member of the X-Men. He has the power to control and produce ice, a skill that could greatly help him in snowboarding.

Fans remember Iceman for his signature ice slides which he frequently uses for travel. These slides could be used to give him a speed boost while playing on a half pipe. Bobby could also use the surrounding ice to perform incredible tricks in the air. Needless to say, Iceman would really be in his element on the slopes.

seven Swimming: Aquaman is the king of the seas

Aquaman, King of Atlantis, was literally born to swim. There are many events in the swimming category. Although Aquaman is good at swimming, he should always follow the rules of the specific category he is competing in.

The freestyle event fits the style of Aquaman perfectly. When competing in freestyle, Aquaman could pick the move that was the least challenging for him to get his head above water. Since he can breathe underwater, he doesn’t need to resurface, but he should to comply with the rules. Needless to say, Aquaman would be leagues ahead of the competition.

6 Sport climbing: Spider-Man literally sticks to surfaces

Sport climbing was a new addition to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and is returning for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Perhaps Spider-Man’s most popular superpower is his ability to stick to walls. It’s one of the most iconic powers of any superhero, and this ability would give him an extreme edge over the competition.

Sport climbing involves athletes climbing an otherwise flat wall by reaching for periodically placed hand and foot holds. Spider-Man doesn’t need those handles. He could crush the competition by simply climbing the wall using his sticky fingers. Spider-Man does everything a spider can do, and that obviously includes sport climbing gold.

5 Archery: Green Arrow is an extremely skilled marksman

Green Arrow has no superpowers. However, he makes up for it with his mastery of archery. Green Arrow’s expert accuracy makes him an ideal candidate for an Olympic archery team.

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Green Arrow could compete in the individual archery event, but there is also a men’s team competition which requires three archers. If he participated in this event, he could recruit his sidekick Speedy and his son Connor. There is also a mixed team archery event which pairs a male and female archer. In this event, Green Arrow could work with his second Speedy, Mia.

4 Weightlifting: Hulk’s strength is unmatched

After dangerous exposure to gamma rays, Bruce Banner became the Incredible Hulk. As the Hulk, Bruce possesses extreme levels of strength. This raw power is exactly what an Olympic weightlifter needs.

The Olympics have several weight categories. Hulk would fall into the last category, 109 kg+ (240 lb+). In this class, he would compete with the bulkiest lifters weighing over 240 pounds. Unfortunately for the other athletes, unless Abomination, Red Hulk, or She-Hulk entered the competition, Hulk would have no trouble winning as long as he kept his cool.

3 Discus throw: Wonder Woman trained in classic Olympic sports

The discus throw was one of the original events of the ancient Olympic Games. Surely Wonder Woman was trained by her fellow Amazons on Paradise Island in proper techniques for classic Olympic events. Young Diana trains with her sisters at the start of Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman’s powers and martial prowess make her a fierce warrior, but also a great athlete who would excel at the discus. Diana is often depicted with a shield and armor. His shield looks like a larger version of a disc. Like a disc, she can use her super strength to throw her shield at enemies.

2 Hammer throw: Thor is already a hammer expert

Thor Odinson is an iconic Marvel Avenger who wields Mjolnir, one of comics’ most beloved weapons. Mjolnir might not adhere to Olympic regulations, thanks to its mystical enchantments and ability to summon lightning, but there are plenty of other hammers Thor could throw.

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Technically, the equipment used in the Olympics are not “hammers” per se. The actual equipment is more like a weighted ball on the end of a chain. Either way, Thor is already an expert hammer thrower. Thanks to his divine strength, he should have no trouble using this skill with other equipment.

1 Track: The Flash is an unstoppable sprinter

There are many distances that athletes can run in the Olympics. However, it doesn’t matter which event the Flash participates in. He would have absolutely no competition in any of the events. As the fastest man alive, The Flash could leave all other athletes in his lightning trail.

The Flash ran Superman and won. Each member of the Flash family can run fast enough to at least break the sound barrier. By the end of his competition, Flash could have been doing tours all over the world. Barry and Wally would show some showmanship while Bart would absolutely rub it in people’s faces.

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