‘100 Foot Wave’ series details essay on terrifying history of surfing


“Fear is something we choose,” a voiceover says as extremely big waves crash into the trailer for 100 Foot Wave. Surfers looking for waves this high are certainly not afraid, but the rest of us who fear 100-foot-high mountains of ocean water may choose to simply watch this heart-wrenching quest unfold on HBO later this year. year.

The network shared a trailer for its 100 foot wave docuseries on Monday, giving us plenty of looks at plenty of water poised to crash into very impatient surfers. A 100-foot wave is described as “the holy grail” and “the ultimate quest” in the trailer, portraying it as an elusive and terrifying feat for surfers who dare to dream.

“Even though Mount Everest had been climbed, the 100-foot wave was never surfed,” said a voice.

The HBO Sports series is a look at Garrett McNamara’s decade-long journey to ride the titular wave, a quest that began after visiting Nazaré, Portugal, a small fishing village that has become one of the top big wave surfing destinations. planet thanks to him.

The six-part series captures the common spirit and fearless passion shared by McNamara and big wave surfers around the world as they navigate life-changing injuries and tantalizing near misses in their collective quest for the inconceivable. Spanning four continents, 100 FOOT WAVE is the inspiring story of a group of people seeking new heights, a city and a sport that have been forever changed by a seemingly impossible dream.

We’ll see if history is made when 100 foot waveThe 6-part series begins July 18.


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