Consumer credit: what budget for your winter sports vacation?

Winter has come to an end and you have only one desire: to hit the slopes of good powder with family or friends. However, only 8% of French households go skiing at least every other year .

The reason is purely economic: winter sports holidays represent a certain budget , especially when you have several children.

We will explain how to budget your next trip to the mountains.

Evaluate the price of accommodation and packages

Evaluate the price of accommodation and packages

If you are lucky enough to be accommodated for free in a resort, your budget will be relatively saved. Housing comes in top of spending during a week in the mountains : it amounts to several hundred USD. And during school holidays, prices soar!

The second main expense is packages. Again, the price can range from 100 to over 200 USD for an adult for 6 days . Also, it may be useful to examine the different formulas. In some stations, it is possible to take cards where you pay for the lift. If you are not fond of skiing and you plan to go to the slopes only two or three times a week, this can be interesting.

It is also possible, via your region or your works councils, to obtain a reduction for the purchase of your packages.

Travel credit for your winter holidays:
To finance your little family’s vacation without breaking the bank, you can take out a travel credit. Travel credit is a form of consumer credit. It can take the form of a personal loan or restricted credit.

Limit equipment expenses

Limit equipment expenses

If you already have a suit, shoes and skis, you will save a lot of money. People who go skiing once, or even several times a year, have an interest in investing in this equipment .

For others, you have to look at the different prices offered in the many rental shops . Sometimes it’s cheaper to rent skis in your hometown and transport them to the mountains. Certain individuals thus rent their equipment.

In the Alps, ski rental is generally more expensive than elsewhere, as is accommodation or ski passes. Thus, it takes around one thousand USD per person for a week on the Alpine slopes.

Consider going out of season

Consider going out of season

If you do not have children or they are very young, you can opt for a week of winter sports outside of school holidays: prices sometimes fall by half . This phenomenon is particularly visible in the aftermath of the Christmas holidays, when the new year has started.

In addition, if the distance is not too long, you can opt for a holiday in the Pyrenees, the Vosges or the Jura. If the altitude is lower than in the Alps, prices are also lower. A week in the Vosges would cost around 500 USD, half of what we spend in the Alps.

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