Crescent Head’s Surf History to Be Featured in New Exhibit | The Macleay Argus


Locals have come together to put on an exhibit showcasing the history of surfing at Crescent Head. The exhibition is curated by Danny McGaw, Roger Fergusson, Shane Stedman, Bob Kennerson, Peter Cornish, Barry Cheers and Michaela Parry. Entitled Where the Sky Meets the Sea, the exhibition will run from April 4 to June 7 at the Slim Dusty Center. “It’s a celebration of the Crescent Head ocean lifestyle, including native coastal activities, fishermen, surf rescue and, of course, a major demonstration of Crescent Head surfing history from then to today. ‘hui,’ Danny said. The exhibition will also include the Surf Art Exhibition, a major art exhibition attracting artists nationwide. The historical component will include historical boards, stories, memorabilia, films, artwork and historic surf photos. Renowned local surfers such as Jodie Barsby, Alf Lyttle, Dave Simons, Sam Cornish and Robbie Page, will be honored with personal displays featuring their stories, photos and trophies, ”said Danny. There will also be local surfboard makers displaying new boards and products for sale. Local businesses will include Shane Surfboards, Bob Kennerson Longboards, Crescent Head Surf Co. and Cream Surf Wax. “The show’s closing night will be a surf-inspired party with a live band and reunion of all surfing legends associated with Crescent Head.” Stay ahead of local news by signing up for the Macleay Argus newsletter here .


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