Forget women, it’s time to save men’s sport, writes Malcolm Knox


Where is the bright spark of Sydney’s beaches that comes to parliament under the banner ‘Save Men’s Sport’?

There is someone running to ‘save women’s sport’, under the protection of the so-called ‘captain’s choice’ of a male prime minister. (In what sport is there even such a thing as a “captain’s choice”? Mountaineering?) saving women’s sport on the grounds that men are so much better at everything.

‘Save women’s sport’ could just as well be called ‘Save the men’s ego’. I checked out the website, in a moment of depression, and I never felt better about being a “biological man”. Here I thought I was decrepit, wheezing and foggy, when on the Save Women’s Sport website I discovered that I was, in fact, faster, taller and stronger than any woman; I have a bigger heart and lungs; I have less body fat and more “explosive power”; and I have higher hemoglobin levels, more muscles and bigger bones than a “biological woman”.

What chance does she have against me? In fact, if a man still harbors doubts about his biological superiority, all he needs to regain his old drive is a trip to “Is This Fair?” section of this site devoted to safeguarding women’s sport. My parents were really lucky to have me, with all my muscles, my hemoglobin, my testosterone and all, in place of a daughter.

Which is the perfect springboard for the still non-existent site dedicated to the preservation of men’s sport.

The first thing that men’s sport needs to be saved from is women trying to transition into our space. On the cricket pitch, men are extremely at risk. Recently, an Australian women’s team that dared to claim full-time professional pay won a World Cup, attracting media attention and community enthusiasm to the point of threatening men’s cricket’s place as the sport of choice. from Australia. Hitting sixes not just over the rope but over the fence, ripping leg spinners at angles not seen since the days of Shane Warne, leaping horizontally to snatch one-handed holds, these women are transitioning into a biologically male territory. Next thing you know, they will be asking for contracts worth up to 50% of male shows and their shows will be rated higher than a male ODI series. Boys and men need the government to protect them from this injustice.

They even clamped down on the use of goggles by men during the celebration!Credit:Getty

Men’s sport faces a terrible injustice in training. As Pam Shriver was the last to testify, true excellence in sport depends on the men who coach young people to reach their potential. You can only count on a man to tell a young girl that she is too fat, too unattractive, too weak, too feminine to succeed; only a man can motivate this girl to be the best in the world. Only a man can be a King Richard and institute a breeding program to fill a trophy cabinet.

Take note, women, this is how it goes.

Take note, women, this is how it goes.Credit:Reuters


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