Iberdrola – The elite of women’s sport applaud the national football team before their match against Germany


A group of seven representatives from different Spanish women’s sports federations, a representation of the Spanish sports elite in various disciplines, visited the players of the Spanish women’s national football team in London yesterday.

The group of ambassadors, promoted by the Spanish multinational Iberdrolawanted to show their full support for the Spanish national football team at the most important continental event taking place in London, where the national team has already won its first victory in the group stage. This afternoon they will face one of the best teams in the European women’s football competition, the German national team.

The expedition, which came to cheer on the national team in person, is made up of: Paula Arcos: fourth in the handball world.

Sara Hurtado: seven gold medals in ice dancing.

Silvia Mas: 2021 470 sailing world champion.

Desiree Vila: Olympic diploma at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in the long jump and the 100 m sprint.

Carmen Castelucci: young promise of the Spanish rugby team and double European champion.

“It was incredible to meet them because we come with a lot of enthusiasm,” explained Queralt Castellet. About the group, she said that “it’s a team that looks very happy and impatient”.

For her part, the ten-time world kitesurfing champion, Gisele Pulidowanted to send them a message of encouragement telling them to “believe in them because they have an incredible level and they can be there”, so she recommended that they “focus game by game”.


The promotion of women’s sport has become an essential lever for Iberdrola and for the promotion of real equality between men and women, one of its fundamental values.

In 2016, Iberdrola became the first company to make a strong and global commitment to women’s equality and empowerment through sport.

The company currently supports 32 federations: gymnastics, triathlon, rugby, canoeing, badminton, football, handball, volleyball, hockey, table tennis, athletics, karate, boxing, surfing, ice sports, fencing, underwater activities, bowling , winter sports, weightlifting, judo, Olympic wrestling, mountaineering and climbing, swimming, skating, pelota, rowing, squash, taekwondo, tennis, archery and sailing.

It also gives its name to 32 leagues, all at the highest level, and another 100 competitions with naming rights. This action to support women in the practice of sport has meant that today, in Spain2 out of 3 federated women are supported by Iberdrola.

Closing the gender gap in sport is a commitment to women’s equality through excellence and translates into an important benchmark for girls, from their practice of physical activity and sport at all levels of the educational system, to show them that the way to a federation and a high-performance sport is also possible for them.


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