ICC still not giving up hope of being featured in the 2028 Olympics as an ‘extra sport’



Press Trust of India

New Delhi: ICC does not give up hope that cricket will be one of the ‘extra sports’ to be played at the 2028 Games in Los Angeles after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) initiates the process of identifying grassroots sports for the big sporting spectacle.

The IOC on Thursday named 28 sports in the “initial program” of the 2028 Olympic Games, with skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing finding their place. Boxing, weightlifting and modern pentathlon were excluded and the respective international federations had until 2023 to meet certain criteria in order to secure their place at the 2028 Games.

The list would be put to a vote at the IOC Session in Beijing in February next year for approval, which will likely be just a formality.

The host city of Los Angeles may also offer additional sports in 2023 to be included in the 2028 Games and the ICC is hoping cricket is among the sports to get the IOC green light.

Baseball, softball and some version of American football could be in the running to bid for additional sports at the 2028 Olympics. “The process for the host city selection of additional sports begins next year (2023) and we hope that cricket will be part of it, ”an ICC board member, who is familiar with the process, told PTI, on condition of anonymity.

“We know it will be difficult (for cricket to be included as an additional sport). There are no guarantees and we are up against other big sports to try to get a place at the 2028 LA Games. ”In August, the ICC had expressed its intention to bid for the inclusion of cricket in the Games. Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, which also had the backing of the world’s richest board of directors, BCCI.

The ICC has also formed an Olympic task force that will work to make gaming part of the Olympics from 2028.

“Our sport is united behind this bid and we see the Olympics as part of the long term future of cricket. We have over a billion fans worldwide and almost 90 percent of them want to see cricket at the Olympics, ”ICC President Greg Barclay said at the time.

In 2024, the IOC will decide on the additional sports offered by the organizers of the LA Games. After Tokyo and Paris (2024), the Los Angeles Olympics will be the third host to offer additional sports to its program.

Six new sports – baseball, softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing – were featured in the Tokyo Olympics as additional sports. Surfing and breakdancing will be among the additional sports of the Paris 2024 Games.

Host cities have been allowed to offer additional sports as part of the IOC’s “Agenda 2020” reforms with the aim of helping the sports most practiced by host countries to gain exposure through the Olympic Games.

Until 2016, there was a cap of 28 sports in the Olympic program, but it was dropped by the IOC in a 2014 decision. From now on, each Summer Olympics will be limited to 10,500 athletes and 310 events.

The IOC has a list of the main sports which were almost always present at the Olympic Games.



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