Jurgen Klopp congratulates surfer Sebastian Steudtner on his world record


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has praised surfer Sebastian Steudtner for his “absolutely insane” world record following his official recognition this week.

The German reached a height of 26.21 meters – 86ft – on October 29, 2020 while surfing waves at Praia do Norte in Portugal and is now confirmed as the world record holder for big wave surfing .

Steudtner, who has already won the Big Wave Award twice, saw the race recognized as a world record by the World Surf League (WSL) and Guinness on Tuesday during a ceremony at the Nazare lighthouse on Portugal’s Atlantic coast .

Klopp sent his compatriot his best wishes in a video message after the couple met in the French town of Evian three years ago, where the high wave surfer was able to meet the Reds team in pre- season.

Liverpool have won four trophies since and could add another on Saturday against Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

“Hi Sebastien. Since we met, we – and with us I mean LFC – have been riding a high wave as you know but we will never reach the height of your wave. 26.21 meters is absolutely crazy,” Klopp said.

“Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I knew you were the greatest and now the whole world knows it. Enjoy the night and enjoy the rewards. You should be proud. I am! Have a good night and all the best. See you on the next biggest wave. You’ll never walk alone or surf alone – hopefully!


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