Meet the Athletes: Alex Hall


First memory of playing sports?

❝I was about 10 years old and I remember watching old freeskiing videos that really inspired me. I just loved how free and epic the sport looked. Plus all the awesome places you could go to do it.❞

Oldest memory of watching the Olympic or Paralympic Games?

❝I always remember watching random Summer Olympics events.❞

Specific decisive moment?

❝Probably the first world cup i ever won. It really showed me that I have what it takes to win.❞

What would you change in your sport?

❝Wish we had even more events open so everyone can have a chance to participate. Now with the World Cup circuit it is very difficult to get places. I also wish we had a better streaming system for our events so more people could watch them.❞

Who is your coach?

David Euler. I have known Dave for many years.❞

Who do you socialize with the most in your sport?

❝All the people I compete against are good friends. The people on my team are great.❞

The most interesting teammate?

Willie Born has a cool story, as well as colby stevenson.❞

Close friends with competitors?

❝I love spending time with the Canadian and Norwegian skiers, as well as the Swiss.❞

Biggest rival?

❝No big rivals. We all want to do our best and we’re all friends.❞

Big hurdle you overcame?

❝Grow further away from the mountains but continue to ski and reach the professional level.❞

Your biggest fear in competition?

❝I’m not skiing my best.❞

Olympic or Paralympic model?

Usain Bolt.❞

Summer Olympic buddy?

❝I would like to meet many Summer Olympic athletes. Usain Bolt.❞

Your biggest influence in/out of sport?

My father. He was doing the stuff that I do now, but before it was really a thing. I loved watching his home movies when I was young.

Any advice you would give to a young athlete?

❝Just have fun with it. That’s the beauty of our sport. It’s so free.❞

Best part of life in the Olympic Village?

❝Meet all the other athletes from different sports and countries.❞

Do you practice other sports?

Surfing and skateboarding.❞

Which summer Olympic event would you like to try?

❝Pole vault.❞

Have you ever been told you won’t succeed?

❝Not really. I’m big enough for my sport but no one really told me I couldn’t do it.❞

Pre-competition rituals?

Try to be in the best possible frame of mind and have fun.


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