Meraki Sport & Entertainment Pvt. ltd. and Sports and Society Accelerator Announce Sports of the Future Partnership


Ajit Ravindran, co-founder and CEO of Meraki, said: “For us, ‘future sports’ such as breakdancing, sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding represent the convergence of facets such as experience , aspiration and energy – aspects that drive the Consumption Generation Z. Additionally, we believe in the potential of these sports to act as catalysts to improve the socio-cultural and sporting fabric of India, providing organizations and institutions with the opportunity to drive change and establish deep equity between consumers and the community The Sports and Society Accelerator will enable collaboration between research and policy, advocacy, program design, participation stakeholders and integrated execution.”

Speaking at the launch, Desh Gaurav Sekhri, co-founder of Sports and Society Accelerator, said: “We believe that sport has the power to connect, inspire, heal and uplift us all, creating social impact and a lasting legacy.A big part of our goal is to build the future of sport in our country to help achieve social goals such as inclusion, equality and sustainability.If We Could Equal access to sports that young people find appealing and empowering communities and talent, we would have made great strides towards achieving our goals of universal sport participation and population-wide active living. to partner with Meraki on this journey and we look forward to collaborating with governments, businesses and individuals, so that the sport benefits one billion people, plus the people of our country.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced the inclusion of several new disciplines in the Olympic program, with the aim of attracting a younger audience. While sports like surfing, sport climbing and skateboarding debuted at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, breakdancing is set to debut at Paris 2024.

For meaningful illustrations of the role of sport in society, including through the sports of the future, follow the #MakingSportWork series in collaboration with The Better India, available at /

About Meraki Sport & Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.

Founded in September 2015, anchored on the pillars of Sport, Sponsorship and Society, we are one of India’s leading sports marketing and consultancy firms, enabling brands, athletes, teams and properties to leveraging sport for social, cultural and economic progress, offering integrated solutions across six business lines: Consulting, Rights, Talent, Experiences, Digital and Content.

About the Sport and Society Accelerator

The Sports and Society Accelerator is an independent non-profit organization focused on building the Indian sports ecosystem. Its goal is to achieve population-wide social outcomes, using the universality of the sport experience.

Established as a policy-to-action initiative, the Accelerator has a twin-driver approach. It uses independent research and policy interventions to drive institutional and systemic reform, as well as programs and projects to improve inclusion, empowerment and equality using sport.

The Accelerator’s theory of change is that “sport for all” can be achieved when the solutions are in the hands of the participants. Its Sports Stack approach advocates a holistic, open-source model for achieving universal access to sporting opportunities and universal physical literacy, in collaboration with government and civil society.

Co-founders, Desh Gaurav Sekhri and Nandan Kamath bring over 30 years of professional experience in various aspects of the sport and they are joined on the board by experienced lawyers Roshan Gopalakrishna and Abhinav Shrivastava. The accelerator’s advisory board includes renowned sports journalist Sharda Ugra, Pratham CEO Rukmini Banerji and veteran sports administrator Joy Bhattacharjya.

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