New boating law restricts popular sport ‘wake surfing’


A new law in South Carolina prohibits “wake surfing” on all state waters within 200 feet of a dock, person in the water, or anchored craft.

Violation of this law is classified as a misdemeanor and is punishable up to $600 based on court costs in each county jurisdiction. according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR), which released a statement Monday.

Wake surfing is defined in South Carolina law as the operation of a “vessel that is weighted at the stern so as to create a wake that is, or is intended to be, surfed by another person” .

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said in a news release Monday that the new law comes as the sport continues to grow in popularity.

“Wake surfing is growing in popularity and in general law enforcement and policy makers are trying to keep people and property safe,” said SCDNR spokesman Stephen Fastenau.

This law will affect a large number of residents and tourists, as there were approximately 26,556 registered boats in Horry County and Georgetown County combined in May. There are 35 public landing stages throughout Horry County.

Boaters should be aware that the SCDNR regularly patrols all waterways in the state to enforce applicable boating and fishing laws.

This story was originally published June 20, 2022 1:34 p.m.


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