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A fifth surf school will begin offering commercial lessons this summer at Half Moon Bay in Surfers Beach after city approval.

Justin Appold, the owner of the San Francisco Surf Lessons, said Surfers Beach, at the north end of Highway 1, is a premier location in the Bay Area for novice surfers, as well as surfers. Bolinas and Linda Mar areas in Pacifica. Compared to Linda Mar, Surfers Beach’s relative isolation was one of the main reasons he wanted to run surf lessons in the Half Moon Bay area.

“Surfers Beach is actually the best beach in the immediate bay area for novice surfers,” said Appold.

It will be offering group surf lessons for $ 100 at Surfers Beach starting in July on Saturdays and Sundays. Classes would take place at low tide, with morning and evening classes for beginners and first intermediates. The lessons would emphasize safety, surfing skills and make it easier for people new to the sport. Topics include water safety, proper surf etiquette, and making people comfortable in the water. Students will stay in a designated flag area and everyone will wear yellow uniforms.

Appold said he was trained as an emergency medical technician and had a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in education, which he says will help teach and ensure people feel safe. He grew up on the water on Long Island and has over 20 years of surfing experience across the United States. While in Hawaii, he spent time teaching children with disabilities to surf, which continues to inspire and humiliate him.

“It’s something that brings me a lot of personal joy and helps me find a balance in life,” Appold said of surfing.

He noted that many surf schools give people gear and get them on the experience as quickly as possible. He wants to focus on getting people to achieve enough comfort to practice and make surfing a regular pastime.

“We want them to do something more with it. That’s where we’re headed, ”said Appold.

San Francisco’s surf lessons will begin operating this summer following City Council approval at its June 15 meeting. The agreement will go until the end of 2022 before being reconsidered by the city.

The town is licensed with four other surf schools on the town’s owned Surfers Beach. Schools offer individual and group surf lessons, water safety training, and environmental management education. The five schools will now coordinate for space on Surfers Beach and in the water, which the city says will work. As part of the deal, San Francisco Surf Lessons will have a business license, insurance certificate, American Red Cross certification for all instructors, and an appropriate ratio of instructors. and students.

Deputy City Manager Matthew Chidester said Half Moon Bay has made an effort to ensure Appold addresses all licensing and security concerns. Chidester said eight students are allowed in the water per school, with 40 in total theoretically allowed, although most operate at different times and areas.

The city wants to provide as many surf lesson opportunities as possible to get kids out after COVID-19. Appold plans to offer classes to children this summer or next summer.

“We just thought we had to do something to create as many opportunities as possible to get the kids into the water,” Chidester said.



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