Preparations underway for surfing at the 2032 Brisbane Olympics



After a successful debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Surfing Australia is already looking beyond the next generation of Australian riders for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics.

After another year impacted by COVID, Surfing Australia CEO Chris Mater has said the sport is set for a massive summer as junior participation is expected to increase.

“We had to cancel a few events which was a bit disappointing,” Mater said on SEN 1170 Mornings.

“But now that we are approaching summer, we have launched our Surfer Groms Comp, which aims to get kids between the ages of five and 12 to enjoy surfing. ”

The surf exhibit at the Tokyo Olympics and Australian Owen Wright winning a bronze medal were just what the sport needed according to Mater.

“Owen doing that was absolutely amazing,” Mater said.

“What we’ve seen is more people talking about surfing, wanting to surf, and then going out and doing it.”

The Surfer Groms program encourages children to take up a board at an early age to learn the skills necessary to excel at the sport.

“There is no doubt that the larger the number of participants, the more chances you have of becoming world champion,” he said.

Mater says that Surfing Australia’s attention is firmly fixed not only on the Brisbane Games, but the Olympic Games in Paris and Los Angeles as well.

“We have Paris in 2024 which will be an absolute cracker,” Mater said.

“Then we have LA which is another great place for surfing.”

The long-term goal of the organization will be to ensure that surfers reach their peak at the right time for Brisbane.

“We have incredible talent,” Mater said.

“They will be at their peak (for the 2032 Olympics) so they will be in a good position and hopefully win more medals like Owen did.”



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