Riot to try to bring League of Legends to the Olympics


Speaking to Dexerto, an esports outlet, Riot confirmed that the company is now speaking to Olympics officials to introduce League of Legends into the event, as it will make its Asian Games debut in 2022.

Other games featured at the Games next year will be PUBG Mobile, Hearthstone, Dream Three Kingdom 2, DOTA 2 (direct competitor of the League), FIFA, Street Fighter V, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor (another MOBA), Pro Evolution Soccer and Starcraft 2.

This will be the first time esports has reached this kind of level and it is clear that Riot intends to take it a step further by bringing in League of Legends – one of the only esports with teams across the world – at the Olympic games.

Joining the Olympics will take a long time, but at the last event surfing, skateboarding and breakdancing will appear in Paris in 2024. It is clear that the Olympics themselves are trying to stay more and more relevant by attracting a wider audience as interest increases.


The Tokyo Olympics saw a whopping 51 point drop in viewing figures from last time. Forbes reports that he doesn’t expect to rise again in the United States until 2028, when the tournament is hosted in Los Angeles.

This isn’t the first time esports or games have been presented to a prime-time audience who are more accustomed to ‘traditional’ sports on their channels, before the esports explosion was systematically ridiculed. when it appeared on ESPN or sports channels – especially when Magic the Gathering or StarCraft were concerned.

However, in South Korea, StarCraft TV events were regular until the game started to lose popularity with the introduction of more MOBA games.

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Personally, I think it would be great to see these games see an introduction to bigger sporting events, but will teams start to ditch usernames and just use their regular names?

I think the community’s lack of reluctance to ditch usernames and stick to these – frankly – unprofessional ways of talking about each other, even in 2021, still makes some esports seem like a big deal. hobby with money, rather than a real competition.


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