Skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing included for the 2028 Olympics


The International Olympic Committee has approved a proposal to include surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.

The IOC’s decision was expected after its executive board agreed on an initial list of 28 sports in December. The announcement comes a day before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Los Angeles organizers welcomed the “three iconic west coast sports” which made their debut at the Tokyo Olympics last year.

The IOC promotes urban sports to attract young viewers.

Boxing, modern pentathlon and weightlifting have not yet been included. They can be added next year by meeting the targets set by the IOC Board of Directors.

“Boxing, weightlifting and modern pentathlon can potentially be included in the initial LA28 sports program by the IOC Session in 2023 if by then the respective IFs have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the IOC that they have addressed satisfactorily the areas specified by the EC on December 9, 2021,” reads a statement from the IOC.

Space can also be made for sports offered by Los Angeles organizers. These could include breakdancing or baseball and softball. Breakdance will make its debut at the 2024 Olympics at the request of the Paris organizers.

The IOC and the LA28 Organizing Committee renewed their joint commitment to prioritize reducing the cost and complexity of staging the Games, including a review of each sport‘s disciplines, to be finalized ahead of the Session of the IOC in 2023, in consultation with LA28 and the IFs.

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