Sky Brown wants to participate in skateboarding and surfing at the 2024 Olympics


Skateboarder Sky Brown is already planning to compete in two sports in Paris 2024 after becoming the youngest British Olympic medalist of all time.

The child star won bronze in the first women’s park final in Tokyo on Wednesday morning, just weeks after her 13th birthday.

According to her father Stu, she wanted to participate in both surfing and skateboarding in Tokyo, which he dissuaded her from, but he thinks he may not be able to stop her anymore.

He joked, “It’ll be hers by then.” She will be 16, and it’s hard enough now.

A year ago, Sky suffered a life-threatening 15-foot fall from a ramp during training in California, with her father saying he didn’t want her to participate in anything.

There is another issue that could hamper Sky’s ambition to compete in both sports at the same time.

Surfing and skateboarding are expected to take place nearly 10,000 miles of each other in 2024, with surfing in Tahiti and skateboarding in Paris.

Currently, Sky surfs almost every day before school and has competed at the junior level, finishing second in an invitational aerial surfing in Texas.

Never having had a skateboard coach, she learns most of her tricks by watching YouTube videos, with her natural athletic prowess easily transferred in the water.

The 13-year-old divides her time between the United States and Japan, and often takes advantage of the Californian climate to surf with her father and brother Ocean.

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When asked if it was possible to participate in both events in 2024, she replied, “Maybe. I really hope so – I will definitely try [to compete in] surfing.

“I’m going to surf a lot after here. I am delighted to see my brother again.

However, there are still three years left, and for now, Sky is simply relishing its skate success at Tokyo 2020.

Reflecting on her victory, she said, “I really hope to inspire some girls. I feel like people think I’m too young and can’t do it, but if you believe in yourself you can do anything. I believed in myself and here I am.

“Anyone can skate. You don’t have to be a certain height or a certain age – you can do it whenever you want. You just have to skate and go.

She then added to SkyNews, “Honestly, you can’t let the boys have fun. “

Born in Miyazaki, Japan, to a Japanese mother and a British father, the family decided they should compete for Britain, where he grew up, rather than for Japan.

His father Stu Brown said: “We chose Great Britain because we felt there was no pressure and they weren’t asking us to sign up. They made it clear that if she was not happy or feeling well at any time, we could withdraw.

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