Soon a surf school in Beypore, says the minister


Beypore will soon be home to a surf school, the first in North Kerala and the second in the state. PA Tourism Minister Mohamed Riyas said 10 youths from Beypore had undergone surf training in Thiruvananthapuram and Varkala, and they would work as coaches at the surf school.

Kicking off the first anniversary celebrations of Beypore’s integrated responsible tourism project in Feroke here on Saturday, the minister said Beypore has great potential to become a surf hub with Kozhikode developing into a major IT hub. “Surfing is a very popular sport these days. In Goa, IT professionals stay in one place for weeks to learn how to surf, as they work away from the office. It will also provide income for the local people,” he said.

Mr. Riyas recounted the activities undertaken in Beypore over the past year under the project. A directory of tourism resources in the region has been prepared as well as an electronic brochure, both easily accessible to travelers and researchers. Beypore tour videos have been prepared in English, Hindi and Malayalam. The Beypore Responsible Tourism club was launched in June, the minister said, adding that more activities should be planned to attract more tourists.

Meanwhile, the Responsible Tourism Mission provided training in various trades to around 400 people in the Beypore Assembly constituency.

A group of women from the Kadalundi panchayat have set up a marigold farm, which is part of the agrotourism network and has been included in the category of farm visits as well as in the village experience package. Rahna Amman from Cheruvannur set up a terracotta unit after undergoing training under the responsible tourism mission in making terracotta air fresheners. Ayisha Banu from Beypore has set up a soap making unit which produces natural soaps made from Aloe Vera and Papaya. There is a shell crafts unit led by Mini Roshan and a jute products unit led by Sudha. Mubarak represents Beypore’s traditional ‘Dhow’ (Uru) manufacturing units.

On this occasion, the Minister distributed certificates to the winning units. Feroke City Chairman NC Abdul Razak presided over the event. Harold Goodwin, Founder of the International Center for Responsible Tourism, PB Nooh, Director of Tourism, and K. Rupesh Kumar, State Coordinator of the Responsible Tourism Mission, were in attendance.


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