Sport: A New Holistic High Performance Funding Model Welcomed By Formerly Struggling Codes


Athletes benefit from guaranteed core funding for a period of three years, with further performance bonuses based on success.

Olympic swimmer Lewis Clareburt knows the struggle for funds all too well.

“It’s tough,” Clareburt told Newshub.

“Not all athletes will have this cash parent support on hand, living at home for free and giving you a car so you can practice.”

Clareburt had to fight to get him to compete in world events, like the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games – where he won bronze in both.

But a new, more inclusive model announced today by High Performance Sport New Zealand could change that.

“For the athletes, they get guaranteed core funding, for a period of three years,” said Raelene Castle, Managing Director of Sport New Zealand.

“So instead of the variation and uncertainty from year to year, they know the minimum level of 25,000 is guaranteed.”

The impact on those who previously felt underfunded, like basketball and beach volleyball and newer sports like surfing and diving, is already being felt.

“We had a gentleman who was in tears, because he said ‘I’ve been fighting for my sport for a long time, and now we really recognize ourselves.'”

Water polo is among those who are grateful for any funding – their women’s program received $ 100,000.


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