Surfer, beer brewer serves something special for the Olympics



DANA POINT, Calif .– Something special has been prepared in honor of a new sport at the Olympics this summer.

Dubbed the ‘Beer of Champions’, the special beer was created at a Dana Point brewery to toast the surf at the Games. It was the idea of ​​several people, including Station Craft co-founder Keagan Banks, who has been surfing for a long time.

What would you like to know

  • Surfing is new at the Olympics this year
  • New beer called “Speed, Power, & Flow” is served at Station Craft Brewery in Dana Point
  • Ten percent of beer sales go to USA Surfing
  • Olympic surf nights will be organized at Station Craft

“A big part of my childhood, and still is to this day,” Banks said. “Get out in the water several times a week.”

Growing up surfing in San Clemente and hitting spots like T-Street, Banks had many surfing friends, including someone who is now an Olympian.

“When I was in high school Kolohe Andino, who is part of the United States squad and competing in this year’s Olympics, moved in next door,” Banks said. “And (we) became really good friends, dragged a ton, still in and out of the water.”

Banks says he’s super excited to see his friend compete, while also providing a special way to toast Andino and the sport they love thanks to Banks’ second passion.

“It all started in college, drinking a lot of beer in college,” Banks said. “And a home brew kit was given to my roommates and me. And we started brewing.”

Banks have switched from home brewing kits to the opening of Station Craft in Dana Point in January. Among the beers brewed at Station Craft, head brewer Steven Hicks concocted a special Olympic blend in time for the competition.

“Pretty awesome,” Hicks said. “I never thought I would be able to do something like this in my career.”

Hicks explained that the beer is a West Coast IPA – and super drinkable.

“Crush them while you’re surfing the beach or cheer on our American surf team,” he recommended.

The beer, tagged with the old Olympic-themed Wheaties cereal boxes, is called Speed, Power and Flow, “which are three of the criteria for judging this year’s Olympics,” Banks said.

Banks added that the beer is also charitable.

“Ten percent of total sales in both draft and cans will go to USA Surfing,” he said.

USA Surfing is the nonprofit governing body of surfing in the United States. The organization is based in San Clemente, where Banks grew up. He says with a mission to always give back locally, the partnership has come together as a four-pack.

“It’s just super special to have all the athletes on the box and be able to make people like to watch the Olympics but also drink the Olympics,” he said.

The surfer and beer brewer says he hopes that sipping Speed, Power and Flow they’ll cheer for Team USA.

Carissa Moore of the US team won the first women’s gold medal in surfing. Andino and John John Florence were eliminated in previous heats. Caroline Marks was eliminated in the battle for the bronze medal.



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