The 2028 Olympic Games now have an official date


The Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games will take place from July 14 to 28, 2028. Paralympic games will follow from August 15 to 27.

The dates were announced on Monday by the International Olympic Committee.

The Olympic reception concert in August 2017 after facing Paris for the occasion, and events are organized by the non -profit association La28.

The games were not without their detractors. Some members of a local hotel union, as well as members of the Los Angeles Municipal Council, have expressed their concern about the impact of workers’ games and the way in which the city funds will be or not used to support this massive event.

The militant group NOLYMPICS Constantly protested against the games, citing expulsions and swings of residents without housing, an increase in police expenses and, more recently, the carbon footprint that the games threaten to leave.

According The nationA demonstrator affiliated with Noolympics, the Monday’s press conference interrupted the dates of the games bearing a shirt that said “F *** The Olympics”.

The organizers of the Olympic Games and the participating – current and past athletes – remain optimistic.

“What the Olympic and Paralympic Games bring to Los Angeles is hope and spirit,” said Janet Evans, Olympic medalist and organizing games. “It will make a lot of enthusiastic people at the idea of ​​achieving their own dreams and their own goals.”

The emblematic sports in southern California such as surfing, sports climbing and skateboarding will be included in the 2028 Olympic Games.

In total, 15,000 athletes should compete in more than 40 sports.

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