The Ministry of Sports accelerates the vaccination campaign against the covid19 for the athletes



Director of the physical education and sport division Gabre Mc Tair –

THE Ministry of Sports and Community Development has stepped up its vaccination campaign by asking national governing bodies, under their leadership, to submit the names of those interested in being vaccinated against covid19.

In recent months, Sports and Community Development Minister Shamfa Cudjoe has called on local athletes to get vaccinated in order to revive the sport.

The director of the division of physical education and sport at the Ministry of Sports and Community Development, Gabre Mc Tair, confirmed to Newsday that 34 NGBs under the ministry had been given a deadline of September 22 to submit the names of the people. interested in getting vaccinated.

Mc Tair said NGBs can at least let the ministry know how many people are willing to be vaccinated or whether they would have encouraged their members to be vaccinated.

Mc Tair said: “The reason for the initiative was an attempt to follow the overall government policy to immunize as many people as possible and, as far as our sector is concerned, to try to encourage our sports organizations to vaccinate as many people as possible. possible, so that would hopefully lead to a faster return to the game as far as the sport is concerned. “

Mc Tair said the NGB were asked more than a week ago to submit information by September 22.

Asked how the ministry is facilitating the vaccination of athletes, Mc Tair said, “What we will need to do is access the amount of interest that is shown. We are very aware of the fact that vaccines are available free to the population at this precise time.

It really depends on the circumstances which are assessed against the numbers that we receive and we will seek to provide some level of facilitation from there. “

Some of the NGBs under the Ministry of Sports are the Surfing Association of TT, TT Judo Association, TT Powerlifting Association, TT Table Tennis Association, and TT Powerboat Association (TTPBA).

TT Cricket Board Chairman Azim Bassarath urges the sporting community to get vaccinated. He said, “We implore people to go and get vaccinated.

If we are serious about the return of sport, we must do what the government wants.

If the government wants people to get vaccinated, get together near health centers and get vaccinated so that sport resumes as soon as possible. “

TTPBA secretary Richard Ramdwar supports the ministry’s efforts, calling them “laudable”.

The TTPBA is responsible for organizing the popular Great Race event.

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