Tokyo Olympics: Inside the Games with The Times


From corruption allegations to calls for cancellation, the Tokyo Olympics have been plagued by controversy.

First, there was a one-year delay that led, confusingly, to the Games retaining the official Tokyo 2020 title, despite taking place in July and August. Then came widespread discontent. Sexism and corruption scandals. There was even the threat of earthquakes hanging over the Games that Japan’s own finance minister called “damn”.

Still, it’s (anything but) certain – the biggest, most anticipated and controversial sporting event of the year is taking place. As cases of Covid-19 multiply in Tokyo, and with the eyes of the world fixed on the city, how do athletes feel about achieving their dreams under such extraordinary circumstances? How is the atmosphere in the Olympic Village? And what do international athletes think about performing without the support of their fans?

The weather Randy Archibold, André Keh and Motoko Rich answered your questions and brought you the latest news from Tokyo on what makes this year’s Games so different.

And thereafter, subscribers played the Olympic quizzes with Astead herndon and Benjamin hoffmann of the Times.

Inside the Olympics, a virtual Times event, airs Thursday, July 22, exclusively to Times subscribers.

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