Tokyo Olympics: Local artist creates larger-than-life mural in honor of 2 Hawaii Olympians


Get the news on the go with KHON 2GO, KHON’s morning podcast, every morning at 8 KHON2 had the chance to experience some behind-the-scenes action. Those who see the mural may be a bit impressed. From a distance it is grandiose but up close and personal the mural looks very realistic.

Local artist creates larger-than-life mural in honor of 2 of Hawaii’s Olympians To learn more about this large mural, KHON2 spoke with artist, Kamea Hadar, from POW! WOW! Hawaii.

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“Honestly, the inspiration for this piece is just to watch the Olympics and watch Carissa win gold,” said Hadar. “I have a 5 year old daughter and she is one of my daughter’s heroines. And telling his story wouldn’t be complete without telling Duke’s. It has just snowballed in this gigantic fresco. As people drive down the road, the first thing they see is this mural – it grabs their attention.

The mural truly captures the sense of pride that Hadar shares and represents, as well as that sense of being in Hawai’i and Carissa truly bringing surfing to a global platform. “Honestly, two things. Hawai’i is the birthplace of surfing and surfing as a vehicle for people like Carissa and even myself to travel the world and spread the Aloha spirit. I think, secondly, that you can inspire people and make dreams come true. Over 100 years ago, Duke competed in the Olympics and his dream was to surf at the Olympics. And over 100 years later, his dream has come true. I really wanted the focal points to be Carissa and Duke and how they achieved their dreams and what they stand for as the people of the state of Hawaii.

The local artist finishes the mural in honor of returning to the land of Hokulea, KHON2 also asked Hadar:

KHON2 then asked: One of the big questions, first and foremost, for those who aren’t artists, is how to take something that you maybe sketched out on a piece of paper – if sketched out? at all – and then put it on a big scale like that? KHON2 also asked Hadar: what do you hope so, I mean, especially being in front of the school, what do you hope that inspires passers-by who come across this?

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