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In autumn 2022, for the first time in 70 years in the UK, the monarch has changed. Many sources deal with the life and preferences of Elizabeth II, but we would like to turn our attention to her dear son, who is now the King of the United Kingdom. Let’s find out what sports he likes and some interesting details about his hobbies. For more articles like this and the latest sports news, visit https://bookmaker-ratings.com/.


Cricket did not pass King Charles III. He actively played cricket in his youth and later attended charity matches.

Additionally, prior to his accession to the throne, Charles owned one of Britain’s most famous sporting venues: the elite Oval Cricket Ground. It is located within the grounds of the Duchy of Cornwall and brings in around £20million a year in rental income, according to the Daily Star.

When Queen Elizabeth II was Queen, Charles held the title Duke of Cornwall and owned the estate and grounds. When he became king, he automatically transferred this title, along with the properties, to his son William.

Incidentally, Prince Charles had an unfortunate incident with this duchy in 2013: he was suspected of tax evasion. According to some officials in parliament, the Cornish estate should have been taxed with the profits.

However, the Ministry of Finance countered that the duchy had been exempt from paying taxes for representatives of the royal family since its founding in the 15th century.


For more than half a century, Queen Elizabeth II hid the football club she supported. Rumors of his love for Arsenal London have surfaced from time to time, but they have never been officially confirmed.

With King Charles III, the situation is a little more understandable. He is considered a fan of the Burnley club from the city of the same name. In 2010, the club’s management even gave him a T-shirt with the number 1 and the abbreviation HRH, meaning “His Royal Highness”. And also – a VIP membership for club matches. Charles attended the team’s games on several occasions.

However, the king cannot be described as an active football fan: his “illness” is more formal. There are charities in the city of Burnley that have joint programs with the football club.

After Charles III became king, he transferred the title of Prince of Wales and heir to the throne to his eldest son, Prince William. And he, unlike his father and grandmother, is an active football fan. The Prince has been an Aston Villa fan since childhood and he made a conscious decision to do so.

According to William, his classmates mainly supported Manchester United or Chelsea, and he specifically chose a midfield team to experience “emotional swings”.


Charles was not limited to traditional British views. He has always been fond of various extreme entertainments. Throughout his life, the future king had a passion for surfing, scuba diving, sailing and skiing, air sports, horse racing and karting.

There are many famous photos of Charles surfing, although he himself was rather modest about his abilities. For example, during a meeting with the Surfers Against Wastewater charity at his Cornish estate in 2020, the then Prince said: ‘I tried surfing about 40 years ago but had no luck . It’s a shame that I can’t try again”

In fact, Charles III loves rugby and other sports, but these three are his favorites. What do you think? #KhabarLive #hydnews #hyderabadlive

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