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Navigation will make its Olympic video game debut from Tokyo to Japan. The athletes will be surfing at the Tsurigasaki Seashore in Chiba, Japan.

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Navigate the Tokyo Olympics is already underway, but there is a lot of additional sailing to observe over the coming week. This is what is essential to know …

When and where does the navigation take place?

The Tokyo Olympics surf program will take place at Tsurigasaki Browsing Seashore in Chiba, Japan from July 25 to August 1, 2021.

Check out the full Olympic event schedule here.

2018 Russian Surfing Championships in Sochi

There are many varieties of surfboards, but the main classes include shortboard and longboard. Olympic surfers will use shortboards, known for their sharp noses and wonderful handling.

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Easy methods to watch the Olympics

The Olympics are back on NBC, with a 24/7 online stream in case you confirm you’ve subscribed to cable. NBCSports Gold may have a dedicated Olympic Games pack – pay an upfront price and you’ll watch anywhere, uninterrupted by commercials.

Tokyo is 16 hours ahead of the West Coast, so Watching Live should take place a few times. It’s a bit trickier on the east coast, where you’ll have to depend on the highlights.

US residents don’t want a cable or satellite TV subscription to PC TV in order to watch the Olympics on NBC’s family of channels. NBC itself would be the main channel, but you’ll also find protection on NBCN, CNBC, USA Community, Olympics Channel, Golf Channel, and Telemundo. The key TV streaming companies encompass most or all of these NBC-related channels, and each is made up of NBC, but not in every market. The Olympics will even be broadcast in 4K HDR on two of the companies, FuboTV and YouTube TV.

What will the opportunities look like?

Navigation consists mainly of two disciplines: shortboard and longboard. At the Tokyo Olympics, all athletes will be riding shortboards. A shortboard refers to any board that is less than seven feet in size. They often have a pointed nostril and are light in weight. They are designed to be fast and correct, and are more suited to fast and very efficient waves than longboards.

How will the athletes be judged?

The judges will assess the athletes on the type and problem of the maneuvers performed. An example of a complicated sailing transfer is the antenna, where a surfer finds a ramp in a wave and lip launches, positive factors the air and again lands on the front of the wave. For more jaw drops, a surfer would spin in a full circle while in the air and still manage to land gracefully – a sailing transfer often known as the 360.

The judges will even take into account rhythm, energy and movement. As on various Olympic occasions, the judges will rate the surfers from 1 to 10 with two decimal places, for example 7.91.

Only one surfer can ride a wave at any one time, and athletes can lose points if they do not use the Frequent Rider label, which indicates that the surfer closest to the height of a wave has the appropriate method for this wave.


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