Women To Make Surf History By Entering The Titans of Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Contest


Bianca Valenti tackles a big wave at Mavericks.

biancavalenti / Instagram

Bianca Valenti tackles a big wave at Mavericks.

The surfers are getting ready to ride like they have never done before, to face monstrous waves in the USA.

This is because for the first time in the history of surfing, women were allowed to participate in the prestigious surfing competition on Titans of the Mavericks.

Mavericks is a powerful and dangerous surf spot in Half Moon Bay, California, with wave heights well in excess of 20 feet (6 meters).

Since 1999, when the competition began, only men have been invited to participate in the big wave surfing competition, despite the fact that the first woman to ride the California break, Sarah Gerhardt, did so in 1994.

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But after the pressure of Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing and the California Coastal Commission, the organizer of the Cartel Management, Inc competition, included a women’s race, as failure to do so would risk denying them permission to host the event, the Huffington Post reported.

“This means that our sport will develop on the side of women”, Bianca Valenti, an avid Mavericks surfer, told Huffington Post.

“I’d love to see how that inspires other young women to ride big waves with us because it’s such a great sport.”

The hour-long race will feature six women competing for a prize of US $ 30,000 (NZD $ 42,000).

It’s just the right time“said Brian Waters, director of operations for Cartel. Santa Cruz Sentry.

“There was no convincing driver other than now was the time to do it.”

Although the event is a milestone for big wave surfers, Sabrina brennan, a district commissioner for the port of San Mateo, believes there is still work to be done.

A single hour-long run “isn’t what the female athletes have asked for,” Brennan said Huffington Post.

The women’s committee had specifically recommended three.

Brennan also believes that a woman should be included in the All males panel who decides which surfers are qualified enough to be invited to compete at Mavericks.

“I would really like the women to be recognized more for the risks they take there,” said Brennan.

The competition, which begins in November, only takes place when conditions are powerful, perfect and the wave heights reach over 20 feet.


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