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Gilmore toned and ready to surf

SHE may be the oldest surfer on the world circuit, but six-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore says she feels brand new.

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A shark survivor returns to the limelight

SHE was the subject of a Hollywood movie that grossed over $47 million and told her life story after losing an arm to a shark. Now Bethany Hamilton is the star of a new one.

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Teenagers determined to pursue success

WHEN Sydney rookies Georgia Miller and Lizzie Welborn lined up in their first Nutri-Grain Ironwoman Series race, one was “not expecting this” and the other was just happy to be there .

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The tide is turning for Australian surfing

THE tide is turning for Australian surfing on the international stage after young star Isabella Nichols ended a year-long drought of world titles to claim the first world sporting crown of the year.


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